1. General terms

1.1. The Service Providers, hereinafter called the “Service/s Provider/s” are the Luna-Tic and Roca Trans, providing the service.

1.2. A Client, hereinafter called the “Passenger”, is a person using the service provided by the Services Providers.

1.3. A service is the car transfer of the Passenger and its belongings (luggage) and its animals.

2. Reservation

2.1. The service needs to be reserved through the online reservation system via website or by e-mail In the specific situations, such as the lack if the internet connection, the reservation can be placed through phone call or sms.

2.2. At the time of the reservation, the Passenger needs to indicate to the Service Provider its valid address, email and phone number, number of passengers, number of luggage (standard/nonstandard size), special needs (child seat with defined weight, height or age of the child). The Passenger is liable to inform the Service Provider about any changes in those data.

2.3. Solely the reservation confirmed by the Service Provider through an e-mail or telephone is considered as valid and constitutes the order for the service. The Service Provider does not take any responsibility for the reservations not confirmed.

3. Cancelation

3.1. The Passenger wanted to cancel its reservation, is required to notify the Service Provider directly through the website, email or phone.

3.2. If the reservation is cancelled more than 24 hrs before the ordered service, no charges will be applied.

3.3. If the reservation is cancelled less than 24 hrs before the ordered service, charges will be added to the next reservation done by Passenger.

4. Passenger pickup

4.1 The transfer service does not operate according to any predefined schedule, but it is adjusted to the reservations (addresses, number of passengers, other reservations), traffic conditions (transfer time) and flights (check-in, time of departure).

4.2 Pickup of the Passengers occurs at the time defined in the confirmation sent to the Passenger and at the address provided by the Passenger. The time of pickup may deviate from the fixed time with +/- 10 minutes depending on the traffic conditions.

4.3 The Service Provider will wait for the passengers by the Arrivals exit of the airport. After the plane landing the Service Provider will contact the Passengers to inform about his location. In case of the flight delay, the Service Provider does not apply any surcharges for Passenger transfer and will be adjusted to the delay.

4.4 In case of transfers towards the airport, the Services Providers’ vehicles will wait for the Passenger up to 10 minutes after the provided pickup time.

4.5. In case the Passenger wants/needs to delay the pickup time, it needs to be discussed directly with the Service Provider while the possible agreement depends from the route (if other Passengers to be picked up next) and the additional surcharge can be added by the Service Provider.

4.6. The Service Provider may refuse transporting accompanying children that were not indicated by the Passenger in the reservation unless the Passenger provides his own child car seat adjusted to the child age & weight.

4.7. The Service Provider may refuse to provide the service to the Passengers that are unfit for travel. Thus, Passenger pickup may be refused if the Passenger is under the influence of alcohol, hallucinogens, his/her clothes and/or luggage are extremely unclean, if the luggage contains hazardous substances (for example acids, radioactive substances, self-igniting substances).

4.8. The Passenger pick up may be refused if the Passenger carries a non-standard luggage, which was not indicated during the reservation.

5. Transfer

5.1. The Service Provider maintains the right to modify the time of departure, of which it will notify the passenger before the planned pick-up time.

5.2. In the event the Service Provider cannot fulfill its service, for the reasons owing to the Service Provider, the Service Provider will reimburse the costs of the airport transfer.

5.3. The Service Provider does not take the responsibility for the delays occurring for reasons not owing to the Service Provider; such as the delays due to the traffic congestion, accidents, weather condition, catastrophes or damages incurred due to any other events not under the Service Provider's influence. Knowing such conditions upfront, the Service Provider can propose earlier pick up time.

6. Insurance

6.1. The Service Provider covers its passengers by a professional, international insurance for accidents for the duration of the transfer.

6.2. The Service Provider is not responsible for any accidents that do not occur during the use of the transfer service

7. Payment

7.1 The service/s are payable by cash at the completion of the service to the driver.

7.2. The price for services is the one indicated on the website or agreed during the reservation.

7.3. The price does not include the additional payment in case of the additional service provided by the Service Provider.

8. Luggage

8.1. The passenger is allowed to carry only its own luggage and takes its full responsibility for it, in the event patek phillipe replica of the police control.

8.2. The passenger is not allowed to carry weapons; explosive, inflammable and dangerous materials in the luggage.

9. Animals

9.1. Transportation of small pets (cats, dogs, etc.) with passengers is permitted only if indicated at the time of the reservation of the service.

10. Applicable law

10.1. The service of transport for passengers and their luggage shall be governed by the Belgian Law.

11. Data Protection

11. 1. The Service Provider will not disclose data to third parties according to the data protection directives of the European Union and the recommendations of the Online Privacy Alliance.

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