About us

Airport-transport.be is the agreement between financially independent small transport companies. Current membership consists of 2 small companies providing transport service within Belgium for already more than 3 years: Roca-Trans (Pawel Bil - licence VVB 0001 wezembeek-Oppem) and Luna-Tic (Damian Kretowicz - licence VVB 6243 Zaventem). The aim of the agreement is to create one and transparent system to order the transport service ‘order desk’, which elevates the quality and the level of provided services.

All taken decision and daily plans are the result of consensus between the members. It applies to the price settlements as well.

  • Flexibility - tailored service - adjusted to individual needs of each of the passenger. We get to know our clients, and this way we can develop our capabilities to changing & evolving needs..
  • Safety - all our cars are regularly maintained and fulfill standards of transport cars (satellite navigation, airco, phone). Passengers are covered by high quality replica watches special insurance.

We comply to all the governing standards for these licences as safety for our passengers is paramount.

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